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🔹 English language

16 - 21st November

⏱️ for 30 minutes a day

Today is the time when the stress for our vision has became incredible. At the online marathon, you will learn how to improve your vision and also help your children to do it.

🟢 how to release tension and visual fatigue

🟢 how to use your vision in a safe and healthy way
🟢 simple methods of healing your eyes
🟢 how your healthy vision should work

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📦 This is a system and holistic approach to the vision recovery that includes: acupuncture, elements of yoga and qigong, work with the oculomotor muscles and autogenic training.
🎯 In a short time, you can achieve the results from 0.25 to 1 diopter per month if practicing from 30 minutes per day.

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Fedor Simonov


  • Qigong Specialist (Traditional Oriental Wellness System)
  • Expert of the natural health improvement 
  • Graduated from the Presidential Program of the Top Management training
  • Fedor has been holding regular seminars and workshops in Russia and Europe since 2008
  • Eyesight acuity is 150%


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