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16th of December

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As our practice shows, visual problems never appear for no reason. You can always find out obvious or hidden causes.
The possible causes may be unhealthy visual habits, low-stress tolerance, an unbalanced diet that does not agree with the type of your metabolism, or lifestyle features.
During the consultation, we will identify these causes and make a list of recommendations that will be relevant for you. With these recommendations you'll save time and efforts required to recover your vision naturally.

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Fedor Simonov

  • Qigong Specialist (Traditional Oriental Wellness System)
  • Expert of the natural health improvement 
  • Graduated from the Presidential Program of the Top Management training
  • Fedor has been holding regular seminars and workshops in Russia and Europe since 2008
  • Eyesight acuity is 150%

Yoga instructor

Alena Simonova

  • Practicing yoga since 2012
  • Bronze medalist of the Ural Federal District (Russia) of Fitness Championship
  • Consultant for healthy nutrition and weight adjustment.

On top of that, enjoy peace of mind with Our Triple Satisfaction Guarantee:

Results: The effectiveness of the VisionAcademy trainings have been checked by the students from more than 10 countries.
Quality: Our methodology is a completely integrated approach to the natural eyesight recovery healing not only the eyesight but the whole organism, and also train healthy vision habits.
You’re Safe: If you think that our trainings is not appropriate for you, enroll in the course and refund anytime within 14 days.

Helen Rottenberg

Customer Support Manager 

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about VisionAcademy

Holystic Methodology

VisionAcademy provide a holystic methodology, based on synergy of six sections, which strengthen and supplement each other.

The system allows you not only to recover your eyesight to 20/20 (100%), but also significantly improve the overall tone of the whole organism and keep it healthy throughout life.

An important task for you will be to achieve relaxation of the muscles involved in accommodation and restore healthy blood circulation of the visual system.